Healthcare Services

Healthcare service solutions from GiaCare provide cost-saving advantages and revenue-generating benefits to our partner organizations.

First, we help eliminate the need for additional recruiting, onboarding, and payroll by adopting responsibility for a wide range of essential operations. Second, we provide and maintain the technology needed to implement and manage those operations. In doing so, we further reduce your organization’s demand for specialized, in-house teams.

These services and solutions that we generate for our partners are part of our core mission to better the lives of patients and caregivers through high-quality healthcare and technology. By outsourcing with us, our partners are able to apply those resources to growth and outcome-oriented strategies in coordination with our services.

GiaCare has worked with NASA Langley Research Center (Larch), the Texas Army National Guard, Federal MTF at Fort Campbell, and others in support of their occupational health, case management, and call center operations.

Occupational Health Solutions

GiaCare offers a broad range of solutions designed to ease administrative, organizational, and labor burdens for organizations that support the wellbeing of employees in the workplace. Our occupational health solutions range from preventative services like fitness center management to emergency and service preparation like AED equipment and fee-for-service programs.

  • Operation of occupational health and urgent care clinics
  • Management of physical fitness centers and wellness promotion
  • Development and delivery of employee assistance programs
  • Integration of laboratory testing and medical waste disposal service
  • Oversight of AED program and equipment maintenance and calibration
  • Medical record system maintenance and modernization
  • Fee-for-service and other revenue-generating and cost-saving programs
cropped photo of a research scientist pipetting into a assay tube

Case Management and Credentialing Solutions

We conduct swift and thorough credentialing services in our recruiting processes and can provide the same reliable qualification verification for your organization. Credentialing not only confirms your patients are in the best hands but also satisfies the requirements of hospitals, surgery centers, and health insurance companies.

Our case management services ensure your clients’ health and human services needs are being continuously met through careful assessment, planning, coordination, administration, monitoring, and evaluation.

  • Case management program operation for T3, T4, P3, and P4 soldiers
  • Support to achieve individual medical readiness (IMR) and full medical readiness (FMR) for periodic health assessment (PHA)
  • Soldier readiness processing (SRP) support
  • Real-time key performance indicator (KPI) and compliance tracking
  • Medical records and validation/verification services
photo of a close-up of a physical therapist looking at a patient's elbow

Telehealth and Call Center Solutions

Historically, telehealth has been a beneficial supplemental service that brought healthcare to people and areas that were more difficult to reach or mobilize. Recently, however, telehealth has become an essential practice in virtually every healthcare organization in the U.S. and abroad. We’ll connect your clients and providers with state-of-the-art communication technologies, enabling all authorized parties to access the necessary data and services for optimized healthcare management.

  • Telehealth integration, implementation, and service delivery, including remote health monitoring and results administration
  • Onsite and offsite call center operations
  • On-call and coverage scheduling services
  • Patient registration and medical appointment scheduling
  • Telephone consultation (TCON) generation
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Contact the business development team to learn more about GiaCare healthcare services and other support services we provide, like our recruiting and information technology services.