The GiaCare Mission

At GiaCare, our strategies, processes, and culture are designed and fueled by our mission: to better the lives of our patients and caregivers through high-quality healthcare and technology. 

By dedicating ourselves to this mission, we continuously deliver outstanding recruiting and management solutions, maintaining a cohesive resource structure that generates more positive patient outcomes, higher employee satisfaction, and more operational flexibility and growth potential for our partners.

Our commitment to an unparalleled level of quality is illustrated by our pursuit of quality certifications such as the Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval and ISO 9001:2015.  These accreditations certify that we exceed quality benchmarks in our industry with consistently superior patient outcomes based on data reviews and surprise on-site evaluations.

High-Quality Healthcare

What do we mean by “high-quality healthcare?” In accordance with our accreditation and our own self-imposed standards of excellence, our definition of high-quality healthcare starts with exemplary patient care. Ensuring the comfort and total wellbeing of our patients, as well as their dignity and privacy, is our highest priority. 

We practice strict adherence to medication safety and infection prevention according to the regulations established by our partners and surgical excellence in applicable facilities. We differ from other healthcare recruiting and management firms in that we consider employee satisfaction and wellness as a primary factor in our professional excellence, striving to ensure our candidates and employees are rested, prepared, qualified, and dedicated to the task before them.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Healthcare organizations have much broader HR and IT demands than most other industries. Our IT solutions remove the burden of HIPAA Compliance and Security from your internal teams and fortify your networks with defense services, system and network design and evaluation, information security services, vulnerability analyses, and penetration testing (PT).

We can also prepare your network for the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) audit with a pre-audit and train your teams in cybersecurity, HIPAA, PII, and PPI best practices. For your help desk, we offer three tiers of staffing and managed support services.

What does that mean for caregivers?

The most important benefit for patients is improved outcomes compared to lower quality recruiting and management services. That means our patients are treated with higher patient safety standards and are more likely to regain or retain functionality. Our improved patient outcomes are also illustrated in the higher rates of patient satisfaction that we produce.

These outcomes are first the results of the exceptional, dedicated talent we employ and, second, the results of the strict culture of integrity and excellence we maintain. Our seamless relationships with our partners also serve to ensure the harmonious treatment of all patients in our care.

What does that mean for patients?

Our caregivers are carefully vetted healthcare professionals who, once contracted, become invaluable members of the GiaCare team. We prioritize caregiver satisfaction and health because we understand the connection between their wellbeing and patient outcomes, both of which affect the reputations and satisfaction of our partners. 

As a GiaCare employee, you’ll be part of an exciting, dynamic, and elite culture of integrity and excellence. In addition to a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle, this culture contributes to better outcomes for patients by maximizing the effectiveness of your skill and dedication.